Providence, RI (April 6, 2016) – As alliances go, Tonic founder and white hot TV and film score standout, Jeff Russo, is just about the best an up and coming artist could ever hope for. When asked about the partnership, Tama offers, “We needed a strong follow up to “Sold For Free” and Jeff was available. I've been a huge Tonic fan since they released “Lemon Parade” back in '96, and it was literally a dream come true to work with Jeff”.

It's a wonder how Russo could find the time to work on the track. Besides his Emmy nominated work on FX Network's “Fargo”, Jeff is also currently juggling scoring and recording for Spike's “Tut”, CBS network's “CSI:Cyber” and the Starz Original series “Power”. In addition to this, Tonic has regrouped in the studio to work on an acoustic reset of their Grammy nominated, platinum selling first album, “Lemon Parade”.

As you listen to the track, Russo's undeniable and unique guitar playing is unmistakable, giving “When I Think of You” a truly unique atmosphere and sound. Grammy winning producer, Bob St. John also make notable contributions to this one of a kind offering from Tama Girard. In addition to Russo, and Girard the track features Billy Leetch on keyboards, acoustic guitars and backing vocals, Issac Sakko on electric bass and Brian Lee Guy on drums. Additional production support was provided by Jon Gonsalves and Rudy D'agostino's Music Complex RI.

In 2015, Girard released the single “Sold For Free” featuring Extreme guitarist, Nuno Bettencourt. Nuno’s prolific guitar chops and brilliant musical mind have fueled his meteoric journey through the very heart of modern pop and rock music. From the iconic melodies of “More Than Words”, to the blistering riffs and impossible rhythms that influenced an entire generation of young guitarists, Nuno has left his indelible footprint on rock music. Rounding out the project, "Sold For Free" was given a polish by Grammy nominated Mastering engineer, Jonathan Wyner.